Academic Research Interest

HHR academic research focus is on cyber-physical modeling and hydroinformatics, an interdisciplinary approach combining hydrology, water resources engineering, computer science, and data analytics. The goal of our research is to leverage advances in watershed modeling and computing and data science to address problems and challenges associated with water resources systems. We are particularly interested in bringing innovations in hydosystem modeling and hydroinformatics to help protect the environment and critical infrastructure. Successive flood events and changes in rainfall patterns are already causing significant challenges for our environmental systems and citizens. We believe that innovations in hydroinformatics and intelligent computing, for applications such as flood forecasting and cyber-physical system, are needed to help communities adapt to potential risks and crises.

Industry Research Interest

HHR industry research interest focuses on Web GIS programming that involves creating, leveraging and utilizing Web GIS or web mapping solutions to solve specific problems, build complete applications, or consume or produce data and geospatial processing services. Web GIS programming is a type of software development that provides a means of handling internet, browser-based software application development tasks which require unique programming skills to develop web GIS or web mapping applications. Web GIS programming applies to mobile as well as desktop application development. At present, HHR has received large scale funding from industry to develop web GIS Applications to meet South Carolina environmental monitoring program at SCDOT.

Want to donate to our research?

If you are interested in donating to the HHR lab, whether it be funding a single experiment/research or funding a student: go to Clemson forever enter an amount and your address, and indicate the HHR Lab in the comments.

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